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A convenience store threw up in my kitchen!

September 29th, 2006 at 03:27 pm

I have single serve applesauce, single serve fruit, single serve juice, single serve bottled water, single serve oatmeal, and single serve drink mix. If I shopped like this normally I wouldn't be able to fit a weeks worth of food in my pantry!

Fortunatly I only have to pack it up...but how to fit it all in the car?

2 Responses to “A convenience store threw up in my kitchen!”

  1. mountainmist Says:

    I don't understand, that shouldn't take up more than half a grocery bag, if even that I occasionally buy single-serve items on sale, because they go on such deep-discount sales. I've got boxes of single serving oatmeal, and they aren't overwhelming my pantry my kitchen, and the applesauce isn't bulky, either. What exactly did you purchase??? I guess I don't know what you're talking about - did you buy a six months supply of these items?

  2. princessperky Says:

    Nope a table full....should last the trip to DC....and we are talking ALL the food practically that we will be eating, not only the oatmeal, or only the juice....ALL of the food/drink we plan on eating for breakfast lunch and snack for 5 heathly eaters for 4 days......that is a lot of food.

    yeah it one box doesn't take up that much space, but imagine a stack of fruit, again not to big, put it beside the applesauce, then the oatmeal on top (two boxes)...ok half a grocery bag, now put the juice on top, full bag, now go get another for the drink mix, and the crackers, and the dinner mix..nother half bag.

    now put it all on top of the case of water....It reaches to the second shelf in my pantry (I know cause it is stacked, I checked)

    now that if for 4 days......And doesn't include dinner...sooooo how would I fit the whole week in plus spices, flour and such?

    ...just saying it takes up a lot of space.

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