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To all the homeschoolers (current and former')

October 10th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

I recieved an email from someone interested in stories regarding how children learn to read.

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After seeing my two daughters learn to read in dramatically different ways, I have been intrigued by the question of how homeschooling children learn to read. I am feeling led to research how other homeschooling children are learning to read by non-traditional means. I am not sure exactly where my research will lead. At this time, I am just collecting stories from homeschooling parents. .........

Lessee, I know contrary1 did some, and luxliving, not sure of the names of who else though, so rather than miss anyone, I figured I would just post it here.

3 Responses to “To all the homeschoolers (current and former')”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Well, my experiences will be off the map.......I homeschooled 3 high schoolers, as they had all had difficulty in typical high school.
    None graduated, 1 went on to get his GED, and 2 have gone on to college level courses. One to massage therapy school.

    One of them still can't read well, heck....hardly at all. We just skipped reading, as that had been a huge problem in public schools. I learned many new ways to lead her to learning, that didn't involve reading. (I learned so much more than she did I think) We used video, TV, movies, hands on learning, mentors, interviews, you name it..........we tried it. Although this one has never submitted to testing, I believe there is a learning disability when it comes to printed material.

    And, the interesting thing about all 3 of these kids.........they were all brilliant. IQ's way beyond mine. They could leave me in the dust when they all started working on something together. Certainly was an interesting time at my house with all of them together!

    Long story short...........I didn't teach any of them to read. I didn't teach much of anything. I got to be an expert however, in helping them find out how to learn what they were interested in.

  2. DivaJen Says:

    DD learned to read before kindergarten. She went to a developmental preschool two mornings a week from 3.5 - 4.5 years old, and then we homeschooled her for preschool the next year. I never sat down and formally taught her to read. We read to her a lot, let her play Starfall and Study Dog on the computer, bought her Bob Books and generally supported her efforts when she showed interest. I guess you could say we followed her lead, and she was blessed with some natural abilities that were easy to nurture.

  3. princessperky Says:

    Thank you for the responses, I can email them to the origional researcher if you didn't.

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