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Oh NO!

October 13th, 2006 at 05:44 pm

While looking for the exact toy for UE (he'll be one, loves pulling things,

Text is the one we'd get 'cept for the price! and Link is
the one we'd get 'cept for the price!
like drums, bags, thought we would get him something designed to be dragged along)

I thought I would peek at things for JC, she is a true girly girl, in love with dolls, babys, and pink. For christmas Pappap is restoring my old tin dollhouse, and I would like to get her some furnishings and dolls. I did have dolls but they had wires poking out, not sure the laws on what the wires were made of, but I decided to ditch mine before UE chewed them and got sick...

so while hunting online I found Adorable doll stuff! I want it. All of it!
from the baby in pink

to the shiny white mattress!

I have seriously green eyes!
Text is check out more adorable doll stuff and Link is
check out more adorable doll stuff

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