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Reclaimed my bedroom

October 27th, 2006 at 01:24 am

I am not a neat person, I have 'stuff' issues, and worst of all, I have a bad habit of not really putting things away quickly. You know the stapler right beside where I made the mini book, the pen beside my bed where I made my note.

To compound the problem DH is a pack rat, no two ways about it, he likes to keep his stuff. So we have stacks of 'stuff' around the house, stuff to sell (yeah sure) stuff to play (err and when do we have time for that?) stuff to sort, stuff to work on, stuff to do stuff to.

Since I like to entertain I keep hiding the 'stuff' and the stacks of things I forgot to put away in my room. No one should be in there anyway.

Well I tended to have a house with two clean kids rooms, an OK living room and OK kitchen, and a cave of a dump of a bedroom. I finally decided there is no sense me having a dump for a bedroom each night, I should have a relaxing place, I insist the kids rooms be rather neat and clean because I know they sleep better and behave better when it is I did it.

I stacked all of Dh's stuff up in the living room, yes thats right, my living room, so next time you come over, just remind yourself it is his stuff and I can too keep a clean house, just with stacks of his stuff in there.

I kicked out the toys, the games, the junk, the paper, the miscelaneous mini parts to who knows what, and I kicked out the computer parts...

My wonderful DH (really aside from the pack ratting, which could be worse he is wonderful) build me two shelves, and later this week he will build me two more. I put my books up there, reference books, pregnancy notes, and some books kids aught to be taller to read. plus some decoration, like my mothers old Ken doll and skipper. I even moved the gargantuan ugly book case out to the living room.

I now have a clean, almost empty, room with just stuff I like..ok and a few of DHs things Smile I am a nice wife, the bedspread is black, no frilly girly stuff. the curtain is black and simple, the decorations are half his, Anyway, point is the place is relaxing, I a tually had to go get a chair to fil up a tiny bit of space, and it is the perfect spot to sit and relax.

My living room on the other hand...

4 Responses to “Reclaimed my bedroom”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    "Since I like to entertain I keep hiding the 'stuff' and the stacks of things I forgot to put away in my room. No one should be in there anyway."

    this made me laugh, b/c my DH plays what i call 'hide the crap' whenever people come over. i came home from work one day & the LR was picked up; i was scared to open a drawer or closet in the entire place. when we moved, there was a dresser drawer with jumper cables, pumkin seeds, and yard sale necessities in it!

  2. koppur Says:

    LOL Sounds like my house. Right now I live alone so it isn't a problem, but there is a very good chance my SO (who is a but of a neat-freak) is going to be moving in with me...Time to do some serious cleaning out before then! Great job and congrats on your accomplishment. Now, if you wanna stop by my house and help me out....LOL

  3. JanH Says:

    I have finally unearthed my bedroom, also. Who knew it was actually that big? Now on the other hand, the two gone kids' rooms.......Good for you, you deserve a room to be restful in.

  4. budgetmom Says:

    Congrats to you! Ahh, yes it feels good when you do that. I've done it before, many times, LOL. It got so bad in the bedroom at one point that there was only a walking path to one side of the bed! I can keep it under control a little better these days, though. I am the packrat. I will hole away a found object of some kind or another to make a craft project with (I hoard craft stuff) and forget that I have it sometimes. DH is a packrat of the computer kind, so wires, wires, and more wires are always being found, wrapped up, moved, found, wrapped up, ... you get the idea. I just recently made the move to put the offices (mine and DH's) into our bedroom. Our little ones just could not stay out of all the "neat" things they saw. I don't really like that the offices are back here because I don't feel like it is a calming place to sleep, but at least we are getting a lot of computer work done in the evenings, LOL!

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