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SMART goals for 2007

December 29th, 2006 at 08:22 pm

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In light of simple I revised a few goals, especially the car one, I made up my mind how to do it, course I don't know who would agree on it, Husband is a pretty general guy (pay more, eat healthier, is specific enough for him)

Since apparently I (and everyone else) want(s) to 'Lose weight, save money, enjoy time with family and friends'

I figured I would get one or two smart ones in each area....


1. Record all 'new' purchases for the month of January..might go longer but I will decide that at the end of the month...(and decide how to reduce or leave alone the purchases)

2. Pay at least one hundred extra on the car each month for at least Jan-Mar. (reevaluate then if up or down...)

3. Eat at least 3 fruits or veggies with the kids..(they get 4-5, I only tend to eat 2....)

4. Incorporate 100 counts of isometric excersises into some part of my day...bedtime if it hasn't happened yet..


Well honestly I don't want to see mine more, I want to see mine less! sortof.
Actually I do need to work on not insulting my family, I see most of them plenty, I just need to be nicer about it....

2 Responses to “SMART goals for 2007”

  1. Not Quite Says:

    SMART goals are:


  2. tinapbeana Says:

    guess the whole S.M.A.R.T. goal concept depends on which company is using it for their training!

    my previous employer specifically used timed (or tied to time) and agreed upon since they used smart goals for employee progress reports between supervisor and subordinate. so, if you weren't meeting a goal in 3 months where you agreed upon the goal and the timeline, there were grounds for disciplinary action.

    whichever works, as long as it works!

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