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Goals day 14 ,15 and thoughts

January 15th, 2007 at 06:13 pm

new bought nothing spent at all
isoyesterday yes, today, working now.
veggiesbarely made it yesterday, had a snack of craisins (with chocolate) at bedtime so I wouldn't fail, today I had one with breakfast, one with lunch and fully expect to have one with dinner so I'll tentativly say yes.

I am finding the iso easier, and thinking of what I can add next month, thing is I am a 'do it now' 'add it all on, kindof person, 100 iso excersizes is easy, so why not do more? but well if I do more on my 'must' list then on days when I am tired, busy, ect, there is more I feel I have to do, and then I feel I can't succeed so I wont even do my 100!

Like the guy with the rocks, he was insulted at being asked to guard a pass and drop a measly 10 lb rock on all passerbys. he boasted he could lift 50, or 100 or whatever easy, in the course of the boasting/showing off he threw out his back and the enemy wandered in with not even the 10lb rock on his I am trying not to bite off more than I can easily do. Or maybe I am just lazy Smile

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