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Preparing for February

January 29th, 2007 at 07:45 pm

Due to some silly things I want right on my spreadsheet budget, I am having trouble copying the equations easily, and by hand is a pain, there has to be a better way.

While I work on it, I did most of it by hand to be ready, in February I plan on recording which store we go to and how often, my goal is to make it once a week for BJs (I was earlier aiming for less, but we get gas there, and we can't do that less than once a week) and every third week for the other 3. (harris teeter, aldis, and food lion)

The less you go the less you spend, and I want to spend less, though I have plenty budgeted.

Anyway I set up the form for that, so I have no excuse when I go shpping Friday-or Saturday (at Bjs and aldis, not food lion- I hope) not to fill it in properly.

Should make DH happy because the church is sponsering a food bank thing and I want him to buy some stuff for it, aldis seems like the perfect place for a tighwad to find things to donate. No offense to the recipients, but one can of corn is like another...

Though I am glad I read, oh phooey was it contrarys blog? about not all knowing how to cook? I am aiming for simple, though he list doesn't say pasta, wonder why not, posta topped with tomato sauce is way easy.

Oh well, canned fruit, veggies, and maybe meat if they have it it is.

9 Responses to “Preparing for February”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    regarding excel: did you create your budget in the first worksheet of the workbook? if so, right-click on the tab that says 'sheet 1' at the bottom of the page. you'll have the option to rename the sheet, so you might want to rename it 'january07' or something. right click again, select 'move or copy', and there'll be a dialog box asking where you want to put ths sheet (make sure you check the check-box to create a copy!). you can do this for every month.

  2. princessperky Says:

    Maybe thats my problem, Iwas putting February on the same sheet as January......I shouldn't do that?

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    well, you can, but there's no real benefit to doing so. try creating a new sheet by copying the 'january' sheet, and all yoru formulas, formatting, etc should all be there. now you'll just have to change the information on the new sheet to reflect the new month.

  4. Chris Says:

    I have a spreadsheet that I use for budgeting.
    I don't bother to use different tabs.
    If you wanted, I could e-mail you the spreadsheet.
    Everything autocalculates as usual, but the spreadsheet totals for checking/savings/retirement savings also change color as needed to warn you of possible problems (it uses red, yellow, and green). I also hide columns as the month moves on (and the bills are paid), that way I don't have to worry about another tab.

    And copy/paste has been simple in Windows since Window 3.0. Select what you want to copy, and press Ctrl+C, move to where you want to copy it to, and press Ctrl+V.

  5. Chris Says:

    Oh, and one sheet of the spreadsheet is good for about 3 years worth of budgeting using my technique.

  6. princessperky Says:

    I am not so dumb that I can't ctr c and V, my trouble was the auto formulas were autoing from the wrong columns.

    I would be very interested to know how to make them automatically change color.....

  7. Chris Says:

    I wasn't thinking you were dumb. In all honesty I've met people that have used Windows for years already, and didn't realize they press CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy/paste whatever was selected.

    Another thing that a lot of folks don't know about is (since Window 95), if you saw something on your screen, but couldn't figure out how to copy/paste it. You can press Alt+PrintScreen, and that captures the currently displayed window, or pressing PrintScreen will copy the entire screen. Then you can CTRL+V (or paste) it into a Word document, Wordpad, Paint, or any other product that works on the Windows platform.

  8. princessperky Says:

    K your right, not dumb, guess computer literate...

    but for print screen there must be something differnt, I do that all the time to get a screen shot, but it pastes a picture......which is handy if you are too lazy to pdf it and want just to show the work, not allow changes. Or if you want to share your christmas card real quick online.

    But then I never tried removing the bars first..guess it would work if you didn't have so much graphics?

  9. Chris Says:

    You're right there. You'd only get a graphic picture, not a something that you could directly edit.

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