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January review..goals

February 1st, 2007 at 05:37 pm

Not only did I have goals this month, I remembered them! for the whole month!

I recorded all my new purchases(5 things, all recorded here except two new soap pumps)...and redid my checkbook....and opened a ING checking account, and put the money we had building up into ING, and set up a autopay for the car bill, and a plan to pay it off early.

All in all a pretty good month financially. I can even see specifically, and down to the penny what was good or bad! (excell rocks!)

Food was under by almost 40$, cargas was well under due to my husband working a closer site. (ends Monday Frown.)

But due to buying a dryer, paying the HOA and paying the car insurance, the monthly spending was overby more than 1K.

the money was availible and all, so no problems.

I now have a plan for the 'yearlystuff' like the HOA, to 'build up' and wait to be spent. One reason we want an ING checking account transfers from ing to ing are instant. so the 'build up' would earn intrest while waiting to be used. With no minimum 5 day wait to get it.

On a non-finance note, I had 3 fruits or veggies all but 5 days (two on those days), and I did my isometric stuff all but 1 day. husband claims he can tell the improvement Smile.

February I plan on going to the non BJs stores in rotation..instead of sometimes going to all three in one week. Plus I want to record it all individually. As well as continue to record all new purchases.

In adition to last months goals I want to add on 5 minutes of cardio, I know pathetically small, but just like only 100 iso, small and daily will happen. Plus I plan on 4 tall glasses of water a day.

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