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March 18th, 2007 at 01:29 am

On the forums they posted a link to Scott burns article on Dallas morning news about net worth, I decided to see how we stack up.

net worth assets minus debts..well the debt is the house and the car, and that is worth more than the amount the total has to be positive right?
I wouldn't know where to start on the rest of the 'stuff' so I will rest content in knowing so long as I borrow no more, and keep said house and car it is positive.

To see how it changed I would have to look for old CC bills for last year, how about I be content that had to go up, as last year started negative. (owned less house, owed more CC)

categories...there is the 401K (how grown up of us Smile.)and the mini EF, and the house plus stuff, ....Umm yeah, rough guess of 15% stuff..not so terrible, but higher stuff than financial (10%).

home equity percentage....75% house....yeah not anywhere close to his 40% recommendation.....

Debt up or down...guess it has to be lower.

consumer interestumm I projected the interest for the car for 2007...if I am doing it right...1K in interest...which is 3% less than his 4% recommendation. Finally we got one right!

Now I know, and knowing is half the battle Smile

Course what to do about too much house...well nothing right now, we want to pay off the car first (etpo* end of 2008), then we want to pay off the house (etpo...2030 in time for the merge with Canada**), then and only then will I aggressively work on net worth.

*Estimated Time of Pay Off

Text is shadowrun timeline and Link is
shadowrun timeline "# Oct 15: Act of Union signed in Washington D.C., Canada and the US merge into the UCAS." yeah sorry the date stuck in my head from the teen years..had to google it when I realized the etpo for the house

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