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How much a day???????

March 20th, 2007 at 02:47 am

In general we eat cheap, but healthy, and I like it that way, for one thing I don't feel bad about ruining cheap food (never said I was a good cook) and for another thing, well even lousy tasting food at least has that 'it is good for you' line to help you force it down.

so after reading

Text is hungry for a month and Link is
hungry for a month (thanks lux for the link)
I decided to see just how much we are spending on food a day...

Suppose I spent my whole budget:

$500/month * 12months = $6000 (year)
$6000/365days = $16.44/day
$16.44/day/5 people=$3.29/day/person

hmmm I am not sure what that means, other than we are rich compared to a whole lot of the world........

I searched to find the average cost to feed a family and while I discovered America
Text is wont be able to feed it's own by 2050 and Link is
wont be able to feed it's own by 2050
and that you can make a small batch of
Text is chicken Lo mein for 4.27 and Link is [url=
chicken Lo mein for 4.27 (small batch because there is no way that would feed my family!)

It took much longer to find the
Text is usda average food cost chart. and Link is
usda average food cost chart.

And for that my family should spend $685.70.....(for a low cost plan)....which is $4.50 a day. (thrifty is $4.09 a day)

And begs the question..just how does the USDA come up with those numbers? And why does it say women cost less to feed? Am I the only girl who eats just as much as my man? And why does it say a 2 year old costs less than a one year old? And just how much does it really cost to feed a family healthy? There is no way I would feed myself or my kids on white pasta and white rice....and not much else.

3 Responses to “How much a day???????”

  1. threebeansalad Says:

    This article can tell you how the USDA determines the Thrifty Food Plan:

    An important consideration is that the menus on the TFP are nutritionally adequate and undergo rigorous analysis by trained nutritionists to ensure that meet current dietary guidelines for both macro and micronutrients.

    Women cost less to feed then men because, on average, women are smaller and require fewer calories. You are correct that there are exceptions to this, but the TFP is aimed for a population, so it caters to averages.

  2. princessperky Says:

    Thank you for the link, it seems they got their averages by averaging what people actually ate...

    On the other hand we don't eat average...(more food, but less is junk)

    And I guess since I am 6 ft tall and weigh a bit more than my husband I aught to eat as much....(I so want to weigh less than him again...)

  3. nanamom Says:

    I would imagine a 1 yr old is more expensive because they figure in formula and it is expensive. The gov doesn't figure in nursing mothers!

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