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Possible trip to PA....

March 21st, 2007 at 04:51 pm

My father in law is in the hospital again and we may go to pa to visit, will use the date money for no big financial hit, date.

Planning on packing english muffins, some treats that were given to us, and some fruit/nuts. that plus water and some peanut butter should keep the food costs to about what I have saved for our date. I also am figuring on baking before we leave some muffins, maybe cookies (for him) and cheap eating out.

Now gas isn't cheap, so I am not sure if that will come in under budget, plus we plan on paying our babysitter at least half her fee since she reserved the night for us...could be out making money (and better money, we are cheap) if she wasn't on hold for us. Not fair to give her nothing.

Waiting on more news from the in laws before we pack, but either way, it sure is nice to know we can go if need be. No cancellations, husband already worked his 40 hours, so not missing work, no meetings or important work that must be done...and my kids wont miss any education at all Smile. (not to mention will gain a great deal of insight what kinds of things we do for family)

Oh and btw my father is better, came to visit and everything, not too sure on the details, but glad he is healthy again.

4 Responses to “Possible trip to PA....”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    oh, i hate to hear about your FIL, perky, not to mention your date night! i hope everything works out OK...

  2. JanH Says:

    Have a safe trip and hope that FIL is doing better. Reschedule that date night! You were really looking forward to it and I think you should plan another one!

  3. nanamom Says:

    I am sorry he is sick again. Glad that your Dad is better though. I agree the date night should be rescheduled (maybe early July or late June. Free babysitting then!) It is a good feeling to have the money set aside thought isn't it?

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Sorry to hear that. Hope things will be better for you soon.

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