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Free books! without a library

April 5th, 2007 at 05:04 pm

Well since I brought up Oath of Swords yesterday I had to go look up the thrid in the serise, I had read 'War God's Own' but not the next, on my search I found a website with all kinds of free books!

Text is Baen free library and Link is
Baen free library

In the explination for why on earth Baen is offering some books free for online reading Eric Flint offers some very nice reasons including my favorite financial reason:

3. Any cure which relies on tighter regulation of the market especially the kind of extreme measures being advocated by some people is far worse than the disease. As a widespread phenomenon rather than a nuisance, piracy occurs when artificial restrictions in the market jack up prices beyond what people think are reasonable. The "regulation-enforcement-more regulation" strategy is a bottomless pit which continually recreates (on a larger scale) the problem it supposedly solves. And that commercial effect is often compounded by the more general damage done to social and political freedom.

I have long thought if more things were easonably priced, less people would be interested in free versions, I will gladdly pay a couple books for a hard copy (well um soft cover) of any book I want to rearead more than once. Especially if I can never find it in a library, and serieses I hardly ever find in the library.

'War God's Own' by David Webber is an exact example oif that, my Sister In Law found it online (back before I had internet) and printed it out for us to read, I loved it, and several months later bought my own copy.......

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  1. Aleta Says:

    Very cool indeed!

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