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Easter new stuff..tons

April 16th, 2007 at 07:01 pm

Every year we try to look for something little for our nieces, but if we miss no big, they are a bit old for the toys that abound.

This year we needed to look for egg hunt stuffers and we hit the jackpot.

For roughly $15 we got tons of eggs, and cool mini mazes (25cents for 6), some stickers, bendy toys (18cents each), erasers(25cents for 6), stamps (25cents for 6). Gigantically full bag of stuff!

Not quite enough for a whole church hunt, but some of the kids are allowed candy, and will want it, so we only got some. and we are pputting a portion of it to the family egg hunt. (gma's)

We also found some cool things for us, a silver and gold egg Smile. I am a kid when it comes to some things, I think they are way cool eggs. Smile

The only thing I would like to do without is the garbage, there was a gigantic bag of garbage from all the wrapping Frown 6 to a pack and we got 10 packs...

We also found a gift for my BIL and my daughter, and a couple stocking stuffers. Still under budget for Misc. for the month.

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