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How to ..... find free worksheets

April 20th, 2007 at 02:12 pm

Google em.....

Specifically if you want worksheets for a kid search for the level and type.

eg. free worksheets kindergarten math

If you are not sure, pick a level and then google it, read the sheets for that level then decide if you need to go up or down.

Many sites have sheets designed for beginning year students so they will be a bit easy if you have been doing level 2 math for months. Bump up to level 3 as needed.

eg. free worksheets grade three science

This actually works for music as well though the levels are most aimed at older students.

eg. free music worksheets

If you want a coloring page, use the image search. then you can preview what you are printing without going to multiple pages.

eg. free printable coloring animals

Change the subject to fit your needs, holiday, letters, shapes, etc.

One of the best things about searching is that in a month the top sites may change and you get a whole new batch of results.

If you don't get new results, try changing the order of words in your search option.

Practice does help, after a short time you will know which sites offer a free worksheet just to get listed but want money for most, or the sites that have lousy printable coloring.

(or you could go to

Text is and Link is and find a whole pile of sites that I have used....found by googling)

2 Responses to “How to ..... find free worksheets”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    Thanks for the tips...I'm having a little birthday party for my nephew next month and wanted to put together little activity books, which now I can do for Smile

  2. Money Talk$ Says:

    Bonus tip for coloring sheets: use Google images.
    Google coloring animal and click images at the top. YOu can specify an animal of a subject as well

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