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Free class...sorta

April 21st, 2007 at 05:00 pm

My husband was offered a chance at a free class through work, well through some people who work in the same building anyway.

He at first declined because three very late nights a week is a lot to be away from family, and one of those nights is GMC's Cub scout night.

Then he went to a meeting with his bosses boss, regarding some 'restructuring'. Now in general we worry a little when this happens but mainly rely on the fact that all the nearby managers like him (and often fight over who gets him for work) so even if one account goes away, there will be another.

This time there are no nearby managers of other accounts, he is currently in a separate building for the client, not for his company. Which means nearby managers might like him but it is more than a simple transfer of files for him to switch jobs. So this time, we felt he should
A. get in good with the company offering the class, and
B. get a piece of paper or two saying what he can do.

He has had other offers of free classes, but he never wanted to spend weeks reviewing what he knew, this one is on cisco (sp?) servers stuff, and he knows a lot but not all, he needs enough info to not be bored (we hope).

The catch is he has to drive (back to work, he is normally home for 2.5 hours before the class starts) and he is missing for a lot of time. Plus I am not sure if the test is free or not, if not we can use some money that we would be sending to the car for it.

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  1. nanamom Says:

    Sounds like his going to the class has more pros than cons. I know it is boring (been there done that) but the rewards of job security are worth it, especially when there are little ones around to worry about.

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