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Doh, don't forget your own stuff!

May 19th, 2007 at 02:37 pm

My youngest loves to color (scribble) and feels like a big kid when he joins his brothers and sisters in 'worksheets'. While he is far to young to really grasp any lesson, he does like to point to what he colored and tell you what it is.

I have hunted up dogs, and horses, and all sorts of animals.

We traced hands and feet, and made a face. (complete with baby blue eyes)

Today after going thru all the animals, I thought I would hunt up a couple of his favorite letters (D, his big bros favorite, E his sisters favorite, and idea why)

After a futile search turning up only pages with words (far to advanced) or animals sortof shaped like a letter (nice for older kids, not for him) I thought, hey all I want is a letter I can make that on word...then I remembered I did that already, long ago for my daughter and put it all on pdf and put it online to share....duh!

In the hunt to find things online, I often forget what work I already did.

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