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I cut off my hair!

May 23rd, 2007 at 06:58 pm

Anyone who cares may know I have really (really) really (no really) long hair.

It was down past my knees....I decided the other day to get it cut, asked a friend for a ride so that I didn't have three kids around for the event, and today we went.

They cut off almost 2 feet.

It is now only down to the top of my pants and it is soooooooooo short to me!

Instantly my head felt lighter and the first time I ran my fingers through it I couldn't get over how little of it there was.

I came home and did the test, I knelt to put my youngest pants hair on the floor Smile

I stooped to pick up a hair on the floor. Still too long to do any real leaning but that is what the bun is for.

On a financial was 40% off because I donated my hair to locks of love, and the place took care of the forms and mailing and all that.

Though I don't think I will be back anytime soon....least not till another 10 inches or so grows.

8 Responses to “I cut off my hair!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Wow, that's a wonderful thing to do--donating your hair. My hair wouldn't grow that long if I begged it to. Years ago, before I'd even heard of the locks of love, I cut hair that was down my back (not all the way to my waist)to very short (just below my ears). The guy almost wouldn't cut it. I guess most people don't go drastic all at once. Wish I'd had somewhere to donate it. I bet your hair is now easier to shampoo!

  2. tinapbeana Says:

    i just did the same thing last month perky! 16 inches on its way to making some very nice wigs. lost another 6 inches in the actual cut and style....

    i have the same experience and jan: no one wants to cut my hair. "it's so long and pretty and healthy!"... don't worry, i say, my hair grows 6-10 inches a year so it'll be back soon...

    enjoy you're new summer-weight hair! Big Grin

  3. scfr Says:

    Great! Not only did you do a wonderful thing, just think of how much you'll save on shampoo & conditioner! Smile
    I'll be doing my final LofL donation soon; I'm going to stick with short hair once we move to hot Texas.

  4. nanamom Says:

    Oh my goodness I was sitting here with my oldest grandson and just kept saying oh oh oh until I think I had him worried. WOW!!!!

  5. RBC Says:

    SCREW Locks of Love. They are a big-time scam. Keep your hair if you like it. They SELL and scrap nearly all they receive.

  6. princessperky Says:

    RBC do you have more evidence that they are a scam? After all I imagine many donations are useless to them.

  7. RBC Says:

    Oh yeah. On LoL's own site in 2003, they published that they had received over 2000 tails per week. They boasted of *113* wigs being made that year. Even if one assumes 15 tails per wig, only about 1% of donations are actually used for children.
    I've read recently the numbers of donations have gone astronomically higher since. The truth is that they cannot handle the volume with their small paid staff. If they were upfront with the low probability of any given tail being used, I'd have little problem, PP.
    But the donations receive lots of PR, and if the cuts stop, so will the publicity for them. The president of LoL, Madonna Coffman, stated in the NYTimes that she didn't want to spoil the "warm feeling" that women get when they "think" they are helping a child. She is a charlatan, IMO, b/c she shows no concern about the horrible mood which envelops people when they realize they've been duped. I know a couple of these women. Long hair is a beautiful asset, and many women have cultivated their locks for many years. For someone like this to sacrifice her hair ONLY b/c she thinks a child needs it is reprehensible. The truth hurts. Love and God Bless!RBC

  8. princessperky Says:

    hmm, I think I do see that a bit of change in the 'advert' so to speak would be good...I know folks who suffer thru growing their hair out to donate. Not all like long hair.

    but according to some research..on snopes, I am lazy..
    Text is lol fair? and Link is;f=21;t=001082;p=1
    lol fair?
    The donation process is not so terrible that I would label it a scam...natural hair wigs are hard to make and expensive, having such a large number of tails donated is great, but doesn't mean for more hands nor money nor experience to make said wigs.

    Though you are right some more honesty would be nice...I would still have donated my hair, losing a couple inches didn't bother me
    Text is 2 feet and Link is;f=21;t=001082;p=1
    2 feet...though thanks to you I will stop feeling guilty for not donating more. Smile

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