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fruit, 10 , and reselling

May 26th, 2007 at 04:30 pm

- My kids need to watch more TV...see we went to the store finally (husband can drive) and we heard "can we get some radishes please?", "what does cottage cheese taste like?", "Can we please get some oranges not just apples and bananas?"....

I said no to the doritoes request, but all the fruit and veggie stuff...I find it very hard to say no to.

- There are more than 3 posts for 'top ten' so I guess I have to post now.

- reselling on Ebay is easy for some..too easy for my anti stuff preferences! My husband has found some really good deals and is reselling them...all from his paypal selling of junk money....I really hate these boxes of stuff..and instead of shrinking they are growing (packing supplies, gotta have on hand to sell, plus resale stock..gotta wait for the perfect time to sell, ugh!)

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