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May 30th, 2007 at 05:37 pm

If I had all the cash to spend in the world I would hire a maid, I only need an hour a day, maybe two right before company. Just enough for cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, dusting , and mopping, thats it. I don't mind the rest.

Then I would hire a gardener, not just lawn service, quite frankly I don't like grass anyway! I want a guy to plant some flowers, and vegetables, and herbs....skip the lawn, I can mow the pathetic dead thing in half an hour..soon as I stop my wishful thinking and do it.

Now about those herbs, I am a terrible cook, so with my millions I would hire a cook, just for dinner each weekday, no one needs to pop in my toast or peel my banana for me, I can handle that. (and leftovers of good cooking sounds great for lunch!)

Oh and for special occasions, I want an 'Abigail' a girl to fix my hair, and pick out a dress that matches, preferably one sewn to fit my 6 ft frame, and that hides the fact that I packed on a few pounds and still didn't loose them (yeah, I really need to go mow that lawn!)

Ah and then she can do my husbands hair (his isn't quite as long as mine, but still takes up quite a bit of time to fix daily), though fortunately he didn't gain any weight and looks great in plain jeans.

Ooooh and while we are dreaming, how about a take us to the science center even when my husband is working, and the library and the museum..and .. well that might be a bit of a stretch...

Honestly I think I would rather spend money on all that before I bought a TV (since ours wont work after 2009) or a bigger house (we fit here now) Or pretty much anything 'luxurious' If I am going to spend on luxury, I want it to be in service. (not very Christian is it...)

K I am off to mow the lawn.

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