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June 2nd, 2007 at 07:39 am

First TinaPbeana jinxed me, I read her

Text is secrets and Link is
secrets Right before bed and here I am at 3am way to awake, and typing, not sleeping....

And while trying to fall back asleep I had several thoughts that so would be much better written by someone else (anyone else) but here goes.

We are supposed to stack the deck
For our kids, in the real game of life as parents we are supposed to stack the deck for our kids, it is not cheating to give them more cards more variety and more options than would normally be dealt, it is what we are supposed to do, however...

We can't make 'em play them
We can stack the deck, in the real game of life so our child has a 'helmet of salvation' but we cannot force him to put it on. I can deal her all the aces, but I cannot decide when she plays them. We can explain the rules, but we cannot force our kid to hold 'em or fold em. We can't even make them 'walk away', much less run...We can however give them as much knowledge about when they need to do each as possible. And more important we can show our kids how the game 'aught to be played.

We don't have to let anyone else trump our own 'goal'
There is a very fun game called
Text is fluxx and Link is
fluxx where anyone can play a goal card at any time to change the way you win. The new goal always trumps the old. Not so in the game of life. Just because Mom wants you to be a Dr doesn't mean you replace your own goal for hers. I recommend Fluxx, I do not recommend letting pop culture, an 'expert' or anyone else dictate your life's goals.

Can you guess we had friends for games last night? Smile

If two more people would write 'secrets' posts I could use my awake time for that....

Speaking of my self goal to write for every topic...I have discovered I am not a good writer...I have my moments (reading addiction is still top on google) but well that was last year, almost exactly. Hey maybe it is about time for me to finally write something good again!

Hmm maybe I should base my hopes on something more than the time of year....

edit to add in the real game of life 'cause apparently writing at 3am is not my strong suit.

2 Responses to “Misc Junk”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    Sorry I jinxed you, Perky!!! Have a cup of warm milk... Big Grin  
    As for your writing: poo on you, I like the way you write! Then again, this comment is coming from someone who just said 'poo on you', so you might not take it all that seriously. Oops!

  2. princessperky Says:

    heh Smile
    Thanks for the vote of confidence

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