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June 14th, 2007 at 04:47 pm

For a long time now we have been playing a game at dinner of quiz questions for a trophy..the trophy can be anything, from the ketchup bottle to a straw to the cup (we often share water when out)

The hardest part is Mom or Dad having to come up with all the questions! After awhile you start to think you have asked 3*6 every day and are not sure which numbers are being left out.

Today I hit upon a great idea to make my life easier...dice. I have a nifty 'die in a die' it actually has a 6 sided die inside of another six sided die. I love it, and the kids love it. We took turns rolling and multiplying, dividing, adding, or subtracting the two numbers. (depending on the kid and skill level)

Then I started thinking of all the ways dice could help with quizzing.

For young kids, I could use one die and have them count the dots, or have them find the side with 6 (or 2, whatever) I have a die with just numbers on it, instead of dots, perfect for practice recognizing 1-6.

For other subjects like geography, you could write up 11 questions numbered 2-12 (or use other types of dice, 20 questions for a 20 sided die, and whatnot) Roll the dice add them up and answer the corresponding question.

Or for more open ended questions, I wrote up an English list. 2. Nouns...that way I have a general pointer, to ask a question about a noun, but I can tailor the question to a specific kid. I can ask:
"what is a noun",
"name a noun",
"is 'walk' a noun"
"what are the nouns in this sentence...'Jeffrey walked his Dog.'"

Most subjects could be open ended that way.

Even after I left the room to go take care of UE they were still passing the die back and forth to add or multiply the two numbers. It was sooo cute.

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  1. Stein Says:

    Great idea, I am sure our daughter would love it.

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