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lousy food splurge...

June 25th, 2007 at 02:43 pm

After a week of being low on groceries, and spending more time at the pool than in the kitchen, I was NOT in the mood for another PB sandwich...which is fine since we had no bread.

So Sunday after a light snack at church we headed to the in-laws to pick up a niece (hereafter to be known as Essy). On the way there I mentioned we would have to get food, since we don't eat like the in-laws, and since we are not rude enough to pester them to cook or use up the dishes in the kitchen, it would have to be out. My husband suggested taco bell...My stomach turned at the possibility. We then went down the list and came up with nothing worth doing. I said I was in the mood for steak, preferably accompanied by a nice glass of wine. So we headed to 'the backyard restaurant' as Essy called it. And spent a small fortune...all because I was burned out on cheap lousy food.

Today when we finally go to the store we are getting some not so cheap convenient food so that when we spend the day at the pool we can still eat something relatively good. In hopes that next week I will not be so desperate for meat that I order a 9oz steak. (it was a very good steak btw, and the glass of wine was a perfect compliment)

2 Responses to “lousy food splurge...”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    I get burned out on cooking for my self sometimes too. Actually more than sometimes sometimes. Big Grin

    I have yet to try wine though, but I'd probably like to do that some day.

  2. princessperky Says:

    You have never had a glass of wine?????

    Yo are missing out on very good tasting stuff...and some lousy tasting stuff...comes in all flavors.

    A good glass of wine makes the steak taste better, and vice versa.

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