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Nothing to eat, nothing to wear

June 29th, 2007 at 04:59 pm

If you have a teen, or are female, or know a female teen you have heard the phrase "I have nothing to wear' Common admit you said it at least once gals. I wear holey jeans (among other things) and even I have said it.

The thing is it isn't about not having clothes, most Americans have more clothes than will fit in the McMansions we favor. Instead it is about the right clothes for for XYZ ceremony/date/conference/meeting/whatever. So we at least internally think 'I have nothing to wear'. If we like shopping we go find something, if not, we prolly just suffer reminding ourselves it might not be 'perfect' but at least it didn't entail hours of shopping to find.

I think food is often the same way, many people look in an over stuffed pantry and say 'there is nothing to eat'. Not because the cupboards are bare, but because nothing is quite right for dinner/lunch/breakfast/snack/whatever.

Part of this might be due to lack of cooking skills (just because flour eggs, butter and milk make pancakes doesn't mean everyone can do that.)

But I think a larger part is that people don't like branching out. Suppose you can make pancakes...if you don't have maple syrup you might pass, or you might realize strawberries makes a great topping, or peanut butter, or try em with just butter, or a brush of powdered sugar. If you think of it, pancakes are just sweet bread, eat them however you like.

Whatever the food, you can prolly eat it, you just have to branch out.

Another common failure to serve up a meal, is the wrong time of day. Eggs for dinner is food, and even nutritionally sound, but most turn their nose up at it. What about the bad mix....apples with steak? Hey it is a fruit and a protein, add those pancakes and you have a complete meal!

Just like clothes can be found in that 'closet full of nothing to wear' a meal can often be found in a 'cupboard full of nothing to eat'.

2 Responses to “Nothing to eat, nothing to wear”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Everything you said is true. We all just seem to want everything to jump out at us. We've become so used to walking in or driving up and ordering what we want - that we lose creativity.

    Same thing with clothes. If one is smart, they can buy some basic colors, classic styles, and mix and match to go with any season or event. Although I do like to buy a new seasonable item like a blouce or a purse and that's it.

    Like you said about the pancakes, if some don't have the syrup or milk - they don't fix them. When I have run out of milk, I have had to substitute a milk product.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    What about the veggies? Gotta have veggies to be a complete meal, at least IMO. Speaking of veggies, ever had cucumbers for breakfast? It's a nice substitute for melon.

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