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Google maps, great educational tool

July 18th, 2007 at 05:52 pm

Today we were talking about Hawaii, did you know they have and alphabet with only 12 letters? And that the chain has 135 islands on it? In an effort to see the rest of the islands (beyond Maui, and such) I tried a Google map real luck, I think if I knew the name I could zoom in and find one, but without a name they seem to be too small to see from the last view of the main islands.

In an effort not to disappoint the kids I let them zoom in and out and look all around. First came a request for Asia, simple and not to precise, then the great wall of china..since the books say you can see it and I told them it was a satellite picture....apparently the books lie...or rather I am not that good at finding a squiggly unnatural line, in among a mountain range full of squiggly lines...but Google to the rescue, just type in 'great wall of china' in the map search and it takes you right to the center of it!

After he asked for Russia and I suggested we go to the capital, he asked for lots of other capitals..eventually since I don't know the capital of India we Google searched that first (capital India...New Delhi) among many other capitals.

And later we remembered to search out Guatemala, since our church is sending a mission team over there at the end of the month, we had been talking about it and gathering supplies to send with them.

I love spending an afternoon learning with the kids..for free Smile

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