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"People give me too many new clothes"

July 20th, 2007 at 04:50 pm

That is an actual quote from my daughter last night. "people give me too many clothes."

I asked her what she would like to do about it and she said she wanted to give the extra to 'kids who need them'. So we headed off to her room and sorted out her pants drawer (the only one she was concerned with). Don't worry she is still a girly girl, all the neutral clothes were for donation, the pink and flowered clothes were kept.

But still warms a mommas heart to hear her little one wanting to share.

2 Responses to “"People give me too many new clothes"”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    I hope we stick with this same outlook into many coming years (so far we also do a great deal of clothes swapping and second hand shopping).

  2. nanamom Says:

    how awesome that you are raising a little one to think of others.

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