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Ignoring money is good for some..

July 27th, 2007 at 05:42 pm

For us. See if I ignore the amount exactly of money we have, I tend to spend less, assuming we don't have enough.

Which means surplus tends to pile up and I have to go schlep it around to pay off the car. I kinda like that problem! I would prefer not to ever have to deal with it at all, but if I have to have a problem this is it.

Course it isn't enough to pay off fully, just a nice double payment every other month or so.

Most of the surplus is due to overtime, and more would be going to the car, except we keep buying groceries. We buy more fruit and veggies than anyone I know, I have got to learn to grow some. ON a plus note the sunflowers are still alive. There is hope, so long as I choose hardy plants that like to live.

Now to find food that is that hardy (I know you can eat the seeds, but I don't.)

The kids picked favorite fruits and veggies last night, GMC picked tomatoes, JC picked nearly every fruit we eat!

Bananas and Apples are out (though I wonder on the apple tree...not anytime soon, but for the future?) Blueberries...I didn't think they grew around here...Strawberries do...I wonder if they are very thorny? I was kinda hoping for something the kids could pick.

Peppers are favorite veggie for my husband and GMC...I wonder if they are easy to grow. JC and I like peas, and green beans.

4 Responses to “Ignoring money is good for some..”

  1. mbkonef Says:

    I am not the worlds best gardener but even I can grow green beans and snow peas. I have not tried regular peas. Strawberries are not thorny and grow low to the ground - great for kids to pick. You can even get thornless varieties of blackberries and raspberries but I don't know how hard those are to grow.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh yes, I ignore my savings and retirement all the time. If you look at my budget, you'll see no traces of it anywhere. The only place it shows up is when I'm playing with my net worth or it is brought up in relevant conversations.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

  3. nanamom Says:

    Beans and peas are easy. Strawberries are vines that are easy to pick, they are also easy to uproot so you need careful picking. Peppers can be grown in a container and green ones at least are quite hardy. I used to grow peas and peppers in a cement washtub. Only got enough peas for one or two meals but the peppers were quite prolific. Beans will keep producing if you keep picking and are easy to freeze also (or can). Cukes grow on a vine and can take up a bit of space but are also quite prolific but th eonly way I know to preserve them is to pickle them. I have heard of people who buy a share in a farm and then get fresh produce all growing season delivered to a central pick up spot. Seems to work well around here.

  4. princessperky Says:

    I think I'll try the strawberries..and maybe green beans. If those make it I'll try more the following year.

    Strawberries for my birthday Smile

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