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August 7th, 2007 at 06:32 pm

We got a chance to see a 'birdman dave" show at Imaginon a library/theater for kids.

The show was slow to start, but the kids loved the birds, my youngest kept saying 'fly, fly!' because the birds got to show off their skills, the Macaw actually flew over the crowd twice, which is a pretty cool site. The owl I mostly felt sorry for, it had been hit by a car and was blind and deaf on the one side.

Sky the parakeet was cute and would hop onto kids hands, but in a crowd of 300 not to much chance of being chosen..would be cool if the kids could feel that though.

regardless the kids learned a bit about birds, the trip was made possible due to a wonderful friend coming all the way here well out of her way to pick all 4 of us up. That and tax supported education of course Smile I am for that, just not public schools.

3 Responses to “Free birds”

  1. nanamom Says:

    Maybe the kids need a parakeet of their own!! I went to a similiar show in Utah at the zoo. I was one of the lucky ones picked ot have very large bird fly to me and take a five dollar bill from me. It was great and then he returned it. Needless to say I donated the five to the birds. small price for a big thrill.

  2. fern Says:

    In this age of video games, TV & computers, kids have less and less of a chance to learn about the natural world around them. Altho i don't have children, this, to me, is a really sad thing, cus the less exposed one is to something, the less they understand it, and the less they understand it, the less likely it is they will work to save it from extinction, global warming, loss of habitat, overhunting, etc.

    Altho i am sometimes depressed by visiting a zoo (seeing caged animals) i view it as a necessary evil, becus zoos are often one of the few opportunities suburban or city people get to view wild animals that need and deserve our protection.

  3. princessperky Says:

    The kids don't need a bird, even according to 'bridman' the best pet bird for a kid is a stuffed one!

    I too find zoos a mixed blessing.

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