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The most expensive science experiment

August 11th, 2007 at 08:47 pm

Well there are some more expensive, but this will be the most expensive experiment I ever do.

For VBS we volunteered to do the science, I don't think that is a mistake I ever intend to repeat.

there are supposed to be 4 different experiments every day! We cut it down to 3 one for each age, but that still has my head spinning, I am used to one a day, all kids share, and no fancy supplies allowed (no budget)

Day one and each day after we are working on growing 'coral', which will actually be salt crystal formations, supposedly they look similar to certain kinds of coral.

the bottle of 'blueing' needed costs 7$...enough for 4 kids to make a batch....we have 50 coming...there is no way we are buying enough for all 50 kids!

Instead we are planning on putting several kids together in one tray and hoping to transfer the finished product at the end of the lesson...might get away with only 3 bottles.

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