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If I sent him to school...

August 13th, 2007 at 04:58 pm

First of all, how would I let him sleep in after a late night? Every Cubscout night is way to late, he doesn't nap, but he will sleep in.

And who would vacuum the boy room? It would still be used by UE and JC, but UE can't vacuum yet, and JC already does her own.

While on the subject, when would he dust? again, room would be used, but UE doesn't dust well (though better than he vacuums)

Moving along the morning, would I have to remind him to put his clothes away after dinner like I do daddy? I prefer having them put away right after they are folded (most often by him)

What about reading those nifty Ranger Rick mags...would seem silly to read them to UE alone, but with GMC makes sense....Or that cool book on King Tuts tomb, totally not JC's speed, but really interesting. Now way would I read that to myself, but hearing GMC read it...Somehow only reading at bedtime doesn't seem like enough. Especially since many evenings are full of company, music or cubscouts, or swimming and the story is cut out or at least shortened.

And who would I play Go with? JC is too young, and most adults I know don't play (not to mention they tend to work during the day)

What about Oregon trail! when would we get to try again to actually make it to Oregon?

And who would be Papa bear for the skit he wants to do with sock puppets?

When would I find the time to play with paper clay, or science experiments?

And would the cute things he say be enough if I only got to hear them from 3-7? I rather like the quiet breakfast with JC, and the later insights of GMC....(on days when he sleeps in, breakfast is late for him, JC NEVER sleeps in - but she napa)

Not to mention seeing him remake a optical illusion while drawing (draw two small pictures about 2 inches apart, look at the mid spot and move the paper closer to your nose, the two objects will move into each other) I would have to wait till 3 to see it, if he even remembered what on earth that window and guy was drawn for!

And that little aside while figuring out some division sums about how easy division is...wouldn't get to hear that if he was doing division for someone else...not to mention he wouldn't be allowed division in public school.

No I can't think of anything that would be better if he were gone all day....I don't even know what I would do with myself...

Since this is the first year he would legally be allowed to enter public school Kindergarten I am being asked a lot more why we don't send him....This week I was asked if I hadn't been looking forward to sending him to school. Nope.


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1 Responses to “If I sent him to school...”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Good for you. I've had kids who went to public school, a couple with private schools and a batch I home schooled. The home schoolers win, hands down anytime. Better people, more interesting, definately more independant.

    I also learned more when we were home schooling & I hope I became more interesting too! Smile

    The only questions I got were from the kids' caseworkers. They were pretty dead set against it, but in WA state it is the kids choice we found out after going to court. Didn't stop the questions, but the kids were old enough to defend their choice.

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