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Adorable quote

August 14th, 2007 at 06:10 pm

"but when is it my turn with you mommy?"

G came out of the room at 1pm today, and since I wasted more time than I was supposed to, I wasn't done on the computer (usually done by then)

I suggested he get a shower or something he needed to do (the hour he leaves me alone is our nap time arrangement)

He said "but mommy, when is it my turn with you?" I was surprised, I thought he just was bored and wanted something to do each day..but apparently he wanted me Smile.

so of course I left my fun and work on the computer and went to spend time with him, I told him to meet me in my room with whatever he wanted to do with me...his pick...Goldbug the book we have been reading for oh 4 years. Though since h is older, we managed to find Gold bug on every single page, and then go back and see if Dingo Dog. Mistress Mouse, and Officer Flossy are on each page (no but cutely hidden on many)

Now no more time wasting, I do need to work.

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