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Another night of free fun..

September 12th, 2007 at 07:19 pm

Our week in review (cheap, and fun)

Sunday was church with a potluck meal. Followed by a cub scout meeting (looooong, but we got important things covered) Then the library, then the in laws for dinner (the tacos were WAY better than our PBnoJ!)

Monday we went to the recycle center..gas money only, nice stop at the nature center to check out the animals (a tadpole had grown up quite a bit) and then leftover salad outside picnic. followed by a nice hike over to see the pond (I was surprised my youngest walked 3/4 of the way before even asking to be picked up! bout 1 mile)

Tuesday was a couple quiet games followed by a library rented movie on trains (cub scout theme of the month) and then boys off to their meeting (tons of fun according to them) and extra stories for the girls (and youngest)

Tonight we are taking the kids back to the playground for GMC to practice riding his bike with no training some ways he is a bit old to be finally learning (5 in April) but in others he himself is not the physical type, so we are rather proud of him (besides we refused to work on it with him all summer..when outside we were all about swimming! Which he can do quite well.)

So this week has been fun filled..and nearly free Smile

And looking ahead:

Thursday is a 'thing' at my husbands work, might be bring the family which will be free fun.

Friday we might have company (casual invite only) or else we will watch the other movie on Ben Franklin we borrowed from the library (free of course)

Saturday afternoon is a litterbug pickup event at the park (free).

Of course one day we will need to go shopping for groceries...but not till Sat prolly. Nice cheap fun week. My favorite kind!

4 Responses to “Another night of free fun..”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Tobias didn't ride a bike with no training wheels until he was 6 and Rose didn't until she was almost 10! They go at their own speeds.

  2. princessperky Says:

    Well maybe he is just late in our circle..he is doing rather well for only having one week of practice I think.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Does he still have all the skin on his knees?

  4. princessperky Says:

    Heh, yes actually, only road rash is on his elbow! He seems to always 'run' out when he drops the long as he can get clear, he is unharmed, which is good.

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