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Spending spree comming up

September 17th, 2007 at 04:57 pm

In general we are frugal people, and non spenders. Even when we got into debt, we did it with normal grocery buying and having a 5,000 dollar baby (JC - no complications that was our portion..ugh)

So when we spend big it is unusual..oh we have our 'latte' trip ups (dried mangos!) but mostly we don't have a problem living within a budget, and especially since the last raise. (bring us up to a decent wage).

BUT! I have insisted that something be done about the boxes...They are growing, my husband is a pack rat, and I have HAD IT. I dunno if it is the right thing, but I figure a shed for his junk is cheaper than a psychologist. or a marriage counselor. So...we are going hopefully tonight to buy the biggest shed they have, and have it delivered. Yep delivered, paying the extra fee just to get it delivered, and if they offer an express delivery I want it!

I had aloooong rant here to add, but I think that would by 'airing out dirty laundry' so ... I wont.

deep breath..deep long slow breaths..thats will go on...

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