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There aught to be a law!!!!!!

September 18th, 2007 at 03:30 pm

We went to the park yesterday for our usual weekly recycling run..and while there we decided to try and pick up some garbage along the way...I have since decided that there aught to be a cannot shop at McDee's unless you can put the garbage in the trash!!!

How about an enterance law..something like the hitchhikers galaxy ticket system..only in reverse..anything in has to go out with you! or else you can get a reciept for putting trash in the trash can.

Oh and fishing should be outlawed unless you get your 'stuff' inspected, come out with less than you went in get fined..

I lost count of how many lunch containers with drink bottles, cans, or Mcdee cups were found sitting ever so perfectly right where the owner left them.

What on earth are people thinking! I understand the occasional mishap, I have lost items before that were supposedly safely tucked in my pocket for disposal. But the amounts we were finding could not have been accidental!

Of course you know this is how silly laws get started...supposing you had the money to police trash removal, it is a good thing right? but then you have to find the money for it, and innocent people like my husband and I would have to stop and get our bags checked on the way out to make sure we had trash in them...while the 'illegals' are sneaking out empty handed, having left their trash behind.

You cannot legislate good behavior...wish you could though.

3 Responses to “There aught to be a law!!!!!!”

  1. fern Says:

    I can't stand seeing litter, i pick it up often when walking to work.

    I especially hate people who throw stuff out a car window. What pigs!

  2. nanamom Says:

    My DH says it is people who drink Mountain Dew. He is forever picking up cans from that brand. Maybe we need a system where they get money for trashing stuff like Michigan has a deposit on cans. You very rarely find cans on the ground there. Of course when you buy it you pay a higher price but you get it back if you are responsible. No policing needed just machine to handle the count of what you give back. I know someone who saved all of her returned deposit money and used it for "frivilous purchases" whenever she had enough. Sort of forced savings.

  3. princessperky Says:

    I think a deposit is a wonderful idea, since I hardly ever drink any of the bottled beverages the initial markup wouldn't hurt me in the slightest..and I could get money for cleaning up Smile

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