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The great idea

September 19th, 2007 at 04:44 pm

I had a good idea for a blog note last night while trying to fall asleep. Like most ideas it was completely gone by morning.

I had another one while doing the daily 'clean up chores'. Completely forgotten by now.

Then there was the inspiration while planting guessed it, forgotten.

So reading the article on PF about how to keep track of your great ideas hit home!

Of course I had this idea to write things down before..they turned into mile long to do lists..I have one of those in my head, the inability to remember it all is the only thing keeping me sane!

Actually this is why I do the same thing in pretty much the same order every day..not the whole day, just the work. It really isn't that big of a deal to do dishes then laundry as opposed to laundry than dishes, but I seem to run on autopilot better than every day 'workout, laundry, breakfast, teeth/face, dishes/kitchen, vacuum, swiffer, bathrooms, clothes, laundry'..this means when (not if, when) I am interrupted by a kid I know to go right back to where I was. At the worst I can run thru the list (even going to the washer or kitchen to check) untill I hit on something I didn't do yet.

The kids have the same kind of list: 'breakfast, clean up, teeth, face, clean room, make bed, daytime clothes, vacuum, dust, house help' Which means I don't have to know what they need to do in addition to what I am doing, I just ask how the list is going.

So I prolly wont ever become rich, since all the good ideas are lost, but at least 'nearly every day' the work gets done.

Now if I an figure out what I was going to do after I posted.....

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