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Thankfully warm in PA

September 26th, 2007 at 05:35 pm

Or it will be for the trip, if is accurate that is.

I was so worried about cold, not that cold is a problem, but that we do not want to deal with the extra packing of winter coats! 3 kids, two adults and iffy weather makes for one full packed car!

So packing the clothes I did include a few warm pieces, for layering, but I think we can skip the winter coats.

I also added my daughters princess costume for the RenFest, I will try to get a picture for you all.

And we are cashing a check to have some 'splurge money'..there is plenty in the bank, but I plan on using that for the car. And we always like to splurge a little at the RenFest...we save all Gold coins to use at the food vendors, just looks cooler I think Smilea pouch full of a wallet with American bills ruins the best costume..a pouch full of gold coins looks nice, even if it is a native American, instead of a medical king or something. (course if everyone did it, the vendors would have to heavy a load to carry to the bank!)

I received a depressing note in the mail today, no extra was sent on the car last month...I kept it in the account to use to buy a shed..that we didn't buy..because apparently there is more work involved than I thought, leveling ground and stuff....I still want one, but for now the stack is in the garage...and he is the one who has to get in the cold car 5 days a week, I only have to on Sunday or evenings, so I guess it will have to stay out for a while longer with the boxes in.

So when we get home I will send the money off and let it pile back up for a later purchase of a shed.

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