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Even if it was free, I wouldn't waste it!

October 21st, 2007 at 03:54 pm

I had the opportunity to visit a family that has utilities included in their rent. When we first walked in (no one was home previously, it was an empty house) every light except the bathroom was on....every single one in the middle of a VERY sunny day! (not to mention hot)

The front door was left open after our arrival, and many other times during the visit. While the air conditioning was on low enough to make me cold (though admittedly I chill easily).

I cannot understand why anyone would leave fans, lights on, doors open....aside from the loss of air, there is the flys that come in! And while I am NOT a tree hugger, I do think needless waste is wrong, a little forethought will tell you financially the rent cannot afford to stay the same if you continue to waste electricity at such a rate, the rent will have to go up to cover it!

Not to mention the long term thought of children raised with no restrictions on electricity who may one day move out and buy a house, only to find electric bills are through the roof!

And besides, there is the environment to think about....

5 Responses to “Even if it was free, I wouldn't waste it!”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    Great point. I encounter this periodically in different areas. People think something is free just because it is included in the price. Of course, the price reflects that "free" thing. Go to any buffet restaurant and see how much food people waste. They'd never do that at a regular restaurant where they were paying for each item.

    I see it at my office, too. We always get notepads and post-its free from sales reps. I see people pulling off 3 or 4 post-its at a time when they need one. Is it really so difficult to tear off 1 at a time. Just because they are free doesn't mean it is okay to waste them.

    I think, in general, people are more prone to waste things that they haven't paid for, or even haven't paid for directly.

  2. NoExcuseBudget Says:

    Isn't it funny to see things in a different light after you are used to being careful with these types of things.

    Ones you start conserving it's almost sickening to see people wasting resources.

    These people probobly have no clue... but I too could never do that no matter who pays!

    You are right about the kids though, they'll never realize the harm to the earth or pocketbook.

  3. mbkonef Says:

    I agree and it does make you think about what people will be like when they grow up if they are raised like this. They will be the people who continually wonder why their bills are so high and why they cannot seem to live on less! It is almost enough to make you want to scream. Don't parents realize that this is not good for their children to learn, to say nothing of any environmental cost! Just cause it is "free" does not make it okay to waste. Someone is paying for it, just not them. (Sorry but topics like this really get me going on a good rant!)

  4. disneysteve Says:

    The biggest problem I see with this in my line of work (physician) is in wasting medical resources. Patients think they need an MRI for every ache and pain. When I point out that they really don't need a $1,500 study for a sprained ankle, they say, "It's okay. My insurance covers it."

    I can't seem to get them to grasp that the high premiums they complain about are, in part, due to people like them demanding costly tests and treatments for every little thing.

  5. nanamom Says:

    i talked to someone who has free utilities and I was going around turning off lights in their house when they told me that the people who provided utilities was going to change their plan. They were looking for a year to see what the average use was and going to make everyone pay whatever they used over that so everyone was leaving doors open and lights on to raise the average because singles were being considered with the families not to mention the time when people were away and there was no use. I didn't agree because of the resource waste but I do understand why they felt they had to do it in support of their neighbors. I never did loose my habit of turning off lights though!

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