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Need a good deed

October 25th, 2007 at 04:59 pm

Officially Cub scout packs are supposed to do a good deed together each month...

Unofficially I have enough trouble convincing them to plan a pack meeting, without adding on another item.

So unofficially the Tigers (which my Husband is in charge of) are trying to do one each month if possible, with no pressure..except that felt by me.

So far this month my two ideas are a litter patrol, or a leaf raking...I know the boys would like to rake, but I don't know where it might need done...I also know they could easily pick up trash, but I don't know where...

hmm the church is having a Trunk or treat...I bet that leaves extra trash around after, maybe the boys could spend a few minutes of the next meeting taking care of it.....

You know this cub scout stuff is harder than it looks!

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  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Do they need to be able to do their good deed as a group, or can they each do it separately on their own time? If as a group, do they need to be able to do it during regular meeting time? I take it the pack is associated with the church. Maybe the church has a collection of recycling items that need to be sorted? Maybe some windows need to be washed? Maybe the contents of a sporting goods storage closet needs to be washed, dusted, untangled, organized? If it is warm, can there be a totally nonprofit day of washing cars, with all potential donations outright refused? Could they collect old stuffed toy animals, cut them open to remove stuffing and thus make a collection of puppets for the nursery or youngest Sunday school classes at the church? Are there any outdoor sheds, benches, or play equipment that need a new coat of paint? Do the sidewalks need weeding between the cracks? Does the church need new shrubs that could be supplied by cuttings the Tigers root in sandy soil over winter? Does the church have nearby neighbors (whether individuals or businesses) whose street frontage could be cleaned up by the boys as sort of a neighborly kindness? Is there Sunday school furniture that could use a wash down? Would the Tigers be able to make some simple coffee cakes to offer after services?

  2. fern Says:

    You should contact a local social services agency or maybe even habitat for humanity, some group that serves low income families, and ask them to refer you to families in need of this sort of service. I bet there are many.

  3. fern Says:

    In my town, the scout troops each year at major holiday weekends like labor day and memorial day post signs on the interstate that say "Free coffe, Exit 15." They set up a tent with tables and serve free coffee to drivers to keep them awake so they don't have accidents.

  4. cptacek Says:

    In December they could help people put up Christmas lights (don't know if they are old enough to do this). Or wrap presents.

    they could help clean up after Halloween. This would help the neighborhood and maybe make them think twice when they are high schoolers about egging and tping houses.

  5. princessperky Says:

    Thanks those are some great ideas!

  6. nanamom Says:

    I like the coffee idea but that costs money and is usually too hot for tigers to handle. Maybe they could make cards to be delivered to a local nursing home to be given out to those who don't get alot of mail. Since you are conected to a church they could put together a shoe box for the samaritans purse project, or ask your pastor for information on a family that could use some help. Have the collect crayons (every restaurant in my town gives them out to color with) and send them to an impoverished school. They could bring in toys that are gently used to donate to toys for tots. They could adopt a platoon in Iraq to keep in touch with and send pictures or letters. You could make welcome bags for visitors to the church (the kids color them or illustrate Bible stories on them and the church fills them with information and a small trinket) You could bake cookies (use premade dough if you want) for a local nursing home. Craft kits for a hospital (childrens floor) would be cool too. Make sure they are labeled with age so that you don't run into a choking risk.

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