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Rain rain, stay awhile....

October 26th, 2007 at 03:44 pm

It has been raining at varying intensity's for three days now...On the one hand I am getting a bit claustrophobic, but on the other hand..since we are in a drought we need it....

So instead of asking it to go, I would like it to stay, just go before next Saturday! (my SIL is coming to visit and we will go to the Ren Fest)

On another note I discovered that one of the trees in the backyard is prolly a tulip poplar..we learned about them on a nature walk at reedy creek, and I think that is the same kind of leaf on this tree.

We didn't plant it, it planed itself last spring. The only thing we did was not mow it Smile something we actually tried for about 5 trees last year, two of them have survived...the poplar, and possible a short needle pine..or some other scruffy pine.

This whole 'leave it alone' might not go over well with the home owners association, but it is incredibly low cost landscaping Smile.

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  1. amberbamber Says:

    We went and visited the Nature Center at Reedy Creek yesterday since it was raining...had a nice demonstration from the naturalist and we were shown their corn snake. My kids reeled in being able to touch the snake.

    And I agree - please RAIN STAY!

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