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Puky kid

November 14th, 2007 at 06:04 pm

JC woke up two nights ago and I thought she was puking, but it was just bad coughing..that sounded like puking...rather weird. so she wnet potty and go tucked back in bed.

Last night she really was puking, so we spent half an hour hunting up all the puke and washing sheets, and such. I really have a wonderful husband, I cleaned her, he cleaned the bedding.

Then we let her sleep on the couch for a bit while wash was done. since she ate breakfast and complained of being bored I thought she was doing better.... till she puked lunch at the lunch table... so gross.

Now she is back in bed, pouted about having to nap, but is sleeping and hopefully not planning on puking again.

So anyone want to calculate the financial cost of washing a bazzillion loads of clothes sheets and towels in super hot to kill germs?

7 Responses to “Puky kid”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Awww, quite a lot of people are sick lately. I was like that earlier too.

  2. miclason Says:

    poor JC! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. madhaus90 Says:

    Well worth it if it kills the germs rather than passing them on to another child who will do more puking! I'd rather have 24-hours of all four of mine sick rather than one at a time times four days! Hope your little one is feeling better

  4. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Thats why most of my kids sheets are white. I can bleach out the germs. I also add a couple tablespoons of bleach to the dishwater as well to keep it from spreading.

    I hope she gets feeling better son!!

  5. My English Castle Says:

    While it's so gross--it's one of those moments that I'm most thankful for hot water and a washer and dryer.
    Imagine (no don't) what it must've been like in 1800 or something. Ick.
    Hope she feels better!

  6. princessperky Says:

    Thanks for all the prayers and support, she might be feeling least bouncier..though she puked again middle of the night...why can't these things happen in the day time when I am already up?

  7. nanamom Says:

    Everything always gets worse at night. We had a sick kid at night or awhile to. So glad it didn't spread and is all over. Now we just have coughs and runny noses. Hope J feels better soon and that it doesn't spread. I think the DW gets stuff hot enough to kill germs. I'm not sure about the color safe bleach though.

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