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The tree us up! (and medical update)

November 25th, 2007 at 08:31 pm

Yesterday Daddy brought home a tree, one taller than my son! For the past 7 years we have not had a real sized tree, my husband still balks at buying a tree to toss year after year (yes the man who has a garage full of toys he does not play with doesn't want to buy a tree he will...)

Anyway I was a big rude wife and put my foot down...a tree taller than GMC or no ornaments, no decorating.

And being the wonderfully patient man that he is he put up with my ridiculous waste of money and bought me a wonderful 9 footer, we don't have the house for that, just a nice simple almost 6 foot tree.

And this is the most wonderful thing to me...every single ornament we own is on the tree! Most years someone gives us an ornament or the kids one (or worse one each) and I have the hardest time not ranting about how there isn't enough room on the tree for what we own..not helpful when gratitude is really appropriate! Well this year I am happy to announce there is room for a smidgen more, I will receive all ornaments with a smile Smile (not that we need any we have a perfect tree)

I actually went through both shoe box sized collections of ornaments and proudly, thankfully, announced to my husband that all were up and he found another (small) box.... I racked my brain while I emptied my hands and tried to figure out what ornament I had missed, I remember all the ones on the tree, and usually miss any that would not be on (even when I didn't open the box they were in) so I was confused. Turns out he had bought a Serenity ornament for me!

Medical notes:

Daddy..doing better, trouble has moved south

UE..we are trying benadryl for the hives - it has resulted in a 4 hour nap!..hope that is good?

ME..err still puking

3 Responses to “The tree us up! (and medical update)”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    My DD#4 got worse hives with Benadryl-seems she was alergic to the coloring in it. But we never did figure out what caused them to begin with......One of lifes mysteries that you have with children...

  2. nanamom Says:

    Benadryl often caused lots more sleep, not a problem usually. The tree sounds great hope you post pictures.

  3. princessperky Says:

    Wow..I am so glad UE isn't allergic to the coloring! you would think in an allergy medicine they would NOT color it to avoid that trouble!

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