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I know I know...but I well, don't know.

December 27th, 2007 at 05:05 pm

The things I know or could take a test on, I must not really know, because I don't act on them. For example, I know I should eat more fruits and vegetables, I was raised Irish meat and potatoes, or at least the potatoes. So adding a veggie is not to hard, but to remove any of the meat or potato? Now that is tough! But I know the portions are a bit upside down. Just try telling my brain when it is craving 'something good'. I certainly never crave veggies!

This idea was sparked by a health and fitness magazine, sorry I don't get any money mags, too boring... But I think the idea translates into many areas.

Since this is a finance forum, I guess we should talk about financial things we 'know', but don't follow.

For example I know that I could save on the grocery bill by buying more of whats on sale, and less of what I am craving. I even know that veggies, and beans cost less than meat..and provide protein needed. But I don't do it.

I bet in a given day I could read tons of notes about finance and say plenty of "I knew that' yet if I looked at my actual budget/finance plan, how much of those tips would I use?

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  1. miclason Says:

    LOL! sis and I were just remembering that once, a friend and I were taking a test from a fitness magazine (it was our lunch hour, and we had just come back from getting hamburgers at McD's) and there was a question that asked: When was the last time you ate somthing green?....I looked up and said: er, does the lettuce in hamburgers count?...and my friend said: Marissa, I asked for mine plain!

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