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So far birth costs about 3000

December 29th, 2007 at 07:17 pm

so long as you skip the hospital, and hospitals do not want you calling them to find out their portion of the bill.

Remind me again why I am not going with a home midwife? Right because they are illegal in NC so I cannot find one that is certified, tested, has a legal file on them to show weather they have a good or bad past record. I have to just take a shot in the dark and trust that a woman willing to break the law to help me deliver my kid, knows what she is doing.

Tell me again how these laws are protecting me? How can it possibly be safer to force a service underground?

On a side note, finances are so good due to well responsibility and some decent planning that if the delivery was only 3000 we could swing it, clear out the EF, but currently doable... it is the hospital portion that is the trouble. That and the unwillingness of Drs and hospitals to let me cut out all the medical stuff I don't want. (like a stay in the hospital..I can't rest in a hospital)

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  1. mom-sense Says:

    I kept my costs down being in not even one "day" when I had one of my children. We took DD home at 16 hours, they were not happy, but we were cleared by pediatrician and OB/Gyne - we're in IL and did have to have her PKU test redone. And we saved one day off of the bill when we took another child home uncircumsized. Had it done a few weeks later at the OB/Gyne for far less. Look into times and stays. Good luck! And if we have another child this year, this is the first time we have a High Deductible Insurance Plan and (planned) Health Savings Account! Congrats on the baby (I'm new here!)

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