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January 16th, 2008 at 05:34 pm

You know that game I let JC buy? Well first, it is pathetically easy, I mean my mostly normal 2 year old could play if I handled the mouse for him! (don't get me wrong he is smart, but nothing to write a novel on.)

The game begins with skills such as asking her to gather 2 bugs, or crash icebergs with 5 objects (or the number 5). Or put shoes on 4 bears!!!! how is that a skill for a first grader?

I might have a bit umm pushy standards, but please!

Then there is NO way for me to change the skill level! I cannot tell it to jump ahead to at least larger numbers or adding, it doesn't have a level setting option for most games, and the one that did made it rain on her boat...but still only hunting numbers less than 5.

AND they want her to subscribe to get more levels...I would guess that by level 12 she would be doing real challenging work, but I have no intentions of spending $8 for 10 months to find out!

I don't know if I should take the game back and trade for second grade, or if I should get rid of it completely...the controls are similar to a console game, the graphics are pretty nifty, and the variety of games is nice (claims 40, I have seen 10, all too easy)..she likes being able to choose her own character, but I do NOT like her wasting time on reviewing skills her little brother needs to know...maybe I should keep it for him....

I am SOOO glad GMC couldn't afford his grade level game...

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  1. nanamom Says:

    If only we could try before we buy. We need to find a group of people that can tell us what products they have used so we know if we want them and vice versa. Maybe it needs to be a new forum.

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