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the bills and math..

January 23rd, 2008 at 05:54 pm

I was cold yesterday, so I thought I would walk out to the remind myself it could be worse, I could be without a house!

In the mail was a gas bill, perfect timing (gas heat) I figured I could look at the bill suffer some sticker shock at the price and be thankful for a warm sweater.

Instead I found a bill of 67.66 Now no it isn't cheap, but compared to previous years of 80 dollar gas bills in January, it was nice. I peeked at the graph to see how we compared 'thermwise' to last year. 55 last year and only 42 this year! Wow I thought pretty nifty. The average temp (also info on the bill) was 50 degrees last year and 47 this year, so life was colder and we still spent less!

Then I caught the 'days' entry, last January was a bill for 39 days, this year only 31 (I have no idea why they bill such odd cycles)

Phooey, now I have to do the math to see if we are really spending less. Errr let me go get my math brain son....

Last year... 55therms/39 days = 1.41th/dy
This year... 42 therms/31 days = 1.35th/dy

So a smidgen less this year than last. Nothing to write home about really.

7 Responses to “the bills and math..”

  1. littlemama Says:

    At least it hasn't gone up. Smile

  2. M E Says:

    I know you live in a *warmer* climate, but IMO, $67.66 for a gas bill in the dead of winter is C H E A P! My bill is $250. Wanna trade???

    I didn't think so! :-)

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    My bill- $161.
    The price of natural gas is lower this year than last, but we had 34% more degree heating days this year than last. Nonetheless our consumption rose by only 6.2%. We conserved better than last year.

  4. nanamom Says:

    my bill was 197, and I was excited about that! I remember 397 a couple winters ago. This is the coldest winter yet.

  5. princessperky Says:

    Ok yeah, I do live in NC so no I don't want to trade Smile

  6. HelpMeFriend Says:

    Don't they offer budgets or assistance with problems in the winter with not being able to pay? Here, they won't turn you off if you have elderly or children in the home. They try to help with assistance, but usually they just build it up and after the frost, shut you off. My bill began very high, but after one year here, the company offered a budget ammount of only $84.00. Half what I was paying before was a much better deal.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    Reminds me my bill always shows how many therms per day compared to last month and last year. I guess we are lucky, we don't have to do all that math!

    Our bill is still averaging $30/month (I saw you don't get the same budget billing plan - bummer). We may have a $100 bill or 2 in the winter but the rest of the year it is $10 or something. I am enjoying the $30 plan. Our weather is milder though. So don't kill me. Wink {A lot of it is the energy efficiency of our house. Plenty of people out here getting $300-$500 bills in the winter, regardless. They just charge more per therm here since it is milder}.

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