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Reward for effecient work...

January 26th, 2008 at 04:57 pm

My kids all have 'morning chores'...And the goal is to have them done by 10am including breakfast, and getting ready for the day (yeah so we aren't in much of a is good to home school)

Anyway, the amount of work would take an adult less than 20 minutes plus eating and showering..make it an hour. (Gmc usually starts around 8am)

They on the other hand have a HUGE problem getting done lately. I started offering a reward for completing work, a star for each day they both get done, and a special surprise for 3 days of stars. Well JC got a star each and every day. GMC on the other hand only made it twice.

So I decided JC deserves a reward, she didn't pout when she noticed her brother talking to himself and not working, but I could see the disappointed look. She had to have been thinking "I worked hard and I don't get anything because he wont."

Now I actually have to come up with the reward! Today we picked Dave and Busters, we need to go to the grocery store which is right beside it sortof. So 'us girls' will head off to the fun arcade, and the boys will go grocery shopping.

She happens to have money, so the treat is me taking her, the money for the arcade comes from her own stash Smile Though I think I will put some in ING for her just remove it from the 'spendable total'..that way I can hear less "can I buy that pink thing?" Half the time it is a totally useless item for a kid, like a pink car air freshener or something, she just wants to spend on pink! ugh.

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  1. nanamom Says:

    Cool idea, wish we lived near a Dave and Busters. I like the individual reward idea and a group one as a bonus, or an option.

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