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one book a smidgen to hard, one a smidgen to easy

February 11th, 2008 at 05:18 pm

So after a week of working in the new math books, I found that my sons is too easy...we are skipping lessons, but still, the book talks of adding work problems as if they are new...which is silly, for one thing GMC learned to add with word problems (Daddy asking him while doing chores or at dinner) and for another thing...this is his 3rd (?) year of math three years you don't think we covered word problems a time or two?

Then there is my daughters book, it is a smidgen to hard...the topics covered are fine, just very much more in depth. for example today was writing ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, etc) which is fine, but the numbers in question were 100th, and 61st..which is slightly above her reading level. Nto enough to make her want to quit, just enough that the sheet took a long time. Over the last week several sheets have taken her longer due to that kind of more depth than she is used to.

I am not sure JCs book is a long as I supplement when it does move to fast, I think the more in depth will be good for her. GMC on the other hand...I think the newness and fun of skipping lessons as worn off into tedium of doing the same things he has been doing for three years.

So off to ebay to find a new math book. I hope the next one is as cheap as this one (his was $6 including shipping)

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  1. shiela Says:

    I love how dedicated you are in teaching your kids. I hope that when I have kids I'll have as much patience as you.

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