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lower dues..buys less

February 18th, 2008 at 07:08 pm

Would you prefer a lower dues that buys less...items you could find for less yourself. Or higher dues that covers it all no work?

I picked this case for a Cub scout pack. I have the books for ALL the years and I have several neckerchiefs (got one free too) plus a shirt that fits fine. I see no reason to pay a large fee for someone else to buy me a shirt, book, and neckerchief I don't need....

The plan for the new year is to charge just the BSA and pack required fees. That means any extras will have to be earned by fund raisers or donations, or skipped. I hope it works out as well as planned.

We also decided to start dues from the boys..we want the boys to be able to take some responsibility for covering the cost of the supplies and such, but the real cost is too high for a kid (11 and under) so we decided to basically split it. registration fee from parents, dues of 50 cents from boys (per week) I figure between one and 5 chores a week aught to pay for that, and you don't have to work for just mom and dad..Aunts Uncles Grandmas, neighbors, I am sure someone will be able to trade dishes, or some raking/carrying for some loot.

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  1. nanamom Says:

    I think having the boys earn their dues is a great idea. They need to take some responsibility for what they are doing. Good Teaching!!

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