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No I didn't think it was cheap...

March 3rd, 2008 at 07:26 pm

PA has tons of 'education stuff' museums, art, children's, and history, science center, Aviary, zoo, plus many parks exhibit farms, conservatory, and so on.

We don't ever have time to do them all, but while in PA visiting family we aim to do one a trip. This trip was the Aviary.

The youngest, UE liked it best, he was talking up a storm about all the different birds, unfortunately we went too late to see the best shows and feedings, but we did still see birds, my husband got to feed a couple, and the kids learned a bit.

GMC had a chance to see a Hyacinth Macaw. which he had recently read about. And there were several (injured) Bald eagles.

When we got back we lamented the cost to a friend...their response "did you think it was cheap" in the kind of tone I would use to ask "why the .... did you waste money on that?"

Now I could be reading into it, after all the words used were not "you are an idiot to spend that" so I promise to let it go after this post, but I did want to complain about money first.

I would rather spend 30 dollars (rounded for the sake of simple math) on one trip to see and learn about birds with my kids than buy 30 dollar store toys. How about 10 typical 'cheap toys? Nope I'll take the Birds. 2 trips to McDees? nope I will pass and see the birds.

You know I really don't like 'cheap' things. I have expensive tastes in some ways.

Speaking of expensive tastes, we also ate out (I could have packed, but well didn't want to....I used my birthday money to eat out)

Did we go to McDees? Nope, a sit down place that served whole wheat bread with the meals. OK fine it wasn't exactly 100% whole wheat (I assume) and the pasta was white pasta. But the veggies were not canned, and the food was good. And this nice waitress lady brought me lots of refills on my water Smile. The total fat content of the meal was lower than a fast food meal, and the veggie availability was better. (not that we never eat fast food, we just lean toward Arbys and the like, where we can get fruit and non white bread)

I don't ask for money from family, nor government, I do spend it in 'odd' ways. I go to expensive museums and the like, I eat whole wheat bread (that cost twice or even thrice that of a decent white loaf) I spend my money where I feel I get the most benefit..and what is the point of having enough money to live till I am 180 if I my health has long since given out due to lousy eating? (don't get me wrong I am not giving up my chocolate or pringles any time soon - just moderating them).

By the same token what is the point of being 180 if I never get to see/learn of more than what in my own front yard? Nah. I want to spend my money on good healthy (ish) food and good healthy (ish) entertainment.

So no, not cheap, but worth a good deal of loot to me.

3 Responses to “No I didn't think it was cheap...”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    have you ever bought season passes to some of those places?? the reason I ask, is because I bought them for union station in kansas city because, they belong to an organization that honors them at tons and tons of other museums. i have got to use them at the childrens museum in fort wayne in, the science museums in chicago, springfield mo zoo, a planatiriem in colorado....about 500 or more places are listed that accept the pass.

  2. princessperky Says:

    Every place we look doesn't seem to have partners where we tend to go Frown.

    But I just talked to a friend that said there is a new 'Carnegie family pass' which allows admission to multiple Carnegie places (Andrew Carnegie is the reason PA is so full of cool places)

    Hopefully it will work out for us, and we can get a pass next time we go up.

  3. Amber Says:

    Education is not cheap and to me it is worth while no matter what the cost and expensive things are not always the best. Look at my little Toyota runs better than the BMW that I was considering and I am glad you guys had a blast toys come and go but education and memories are forever

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