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what part of free didi you not understand?

March 17th, 2008 at 04:25 pm

I mentioned at our recent leaders meeting that we wanted to firm up the summer plans, and we wanted one event each month that was totally free for all cubs to particiapate in (and mostly free for the pack to run)

I heard some excellent fun suggestions, some kind of mine, a camping trip, etc...none were free. low cost yes, but not free. And when you consider that summer is often a very expensive time for publicly schooled children (no more free kid care) Not to mention the council opportunities are expensive (day camp, resident camp) I cannot see adding our costs on top of that.

I do think the mine and camping would be a great fall or spring opportunity, just not summer.

And I am in confusion as to what is so hard about the word 'free'.....

So far the 'planners' (not leaders) have come up with a bike rodeo, a cub olympiad, a 'fair'...all things that would be free to participate and cheap to run.

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