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what else can you do with hard boiled eggs?

March 25th, 2008 at 04:41 pm

Eat em plain, make egg salad..and err. yeah

So remind me again why we made so many?

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  1. gruntina Says:

    A few ideas I can think of:

    -You can slice up the hard egg into a green salad.
    -Make toast and have a breakfast sandwich with sliced up egg
    -Untraditional fried rice with hard boied egg.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    My husband makes a mean egg curry. Recipe available on request!

  3. ADreamWarrior Says:

    - Bury them and hope an Easter tree grows

    - Pets love them and very good for their coats

    - don't make as many next year

    In case anyone was wondering...i am not an egg fan *s*

  4. Caoineag Says:

    Make potato salad (we always add hard boiled egg to ours)

    Make deviled eggs (though the fact that you didn't list this means you probably aren't a big fan)

    Make crab salad (the recipes almost always include hardboiled eggs)

    Make pickled eggs (yeck, not my thing but maybe you will like it)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    This is exactly why I went to the plastic eggs after a couple of years of dyeing eggs and then not wanting to eat them. My only suggestion was to put it into a salad...but that's already been posted.

  6. debtfreeme Says:

    play baseball in the street using eggs as the ball?
    go egg a neighbors house?
    Donate to a food closet or supper program at a church?

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    My faves back when I wasn't vegan:
    1. Devilled eggs!!!
    2. Creamed hard-boiled eggs on toast.

  8. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Are you up for a couple science experiments with the kids?

    1.)Get a fresh pineapple, put it a plate so you can collect the juice as you slice it for eating. Collect the "rind" pieces and press the juice out of them using a wood spoon. Collect that juice. If you don't get enough juice, squeeze the juice out of some of the rings or chunks of pineapple. You'll want enough juice to fill a small cup half way up the side of a boiled egg dropped in there.

    But put the juice in first, then the PEELED boiled egg. Put it in the refrigerator for a few days. Take the egg out with tongs, keeping the top of it dry. Check on the state of the egg where it was in contact with the juice. Return the egg to the juice, keeping the same dry side up so that you can check on it again another day.

    BTW, as a control, put another hard boiled egg in a cup the same way except with water. Check on this egg, too.

    If all goes well, you will see the egg that is in the pineapple juice begin to erode and "dissolve" away. Pineapple juice contains a general proteolytic enzyme which can take apart any protein. And the enzyme molecules act over and over, not reacting only a single time.

    2.) Either buy some concentrated vinegar (greater than the usual 5%) or boil down some vinegar in a pot to concentrate it. Fill a cup with strong vinegar and drop in an egg with the shell. Refrigerate to ward of spoilage (though it is probably only a remote possibility in the vinegar). Check on the egg after a week or so. Has the shell changed?

    The vinegar should dissolve the shell over time.

  9. miclason Says:

    meatloaf? (Mom used to put an egg inside!)

  10. terri77 Says:

    How many did you make? I can't think of any other uses that haven't already been mentioned.

  11. Broken Arrow Says:

    Send it to me? Big Grin

  12. Carolina Bound Says:

    If you have a dog, they love hard-boiled eggs, and it's good for them!

  13. princessperky Says:

    cool suggestions, I particularly like the science ideas!

    I do like deviled eggs, I am just no good at making fact this was never a problem in previous years because I sent a box home with my niece for her to make deviled eggs out of (she is very good at it)

    BA I would love to share with you, but I don't think they mail well Smile
    I do not have a dog, but two are coming to visit, so I shall share with them Smile

  14. Lola Says:

    I used 8 boiled eggs to make - homemade pimento cheese.
    Delicious. Got the recipie from


  15. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    PP, I think I've seen directions for perching a peeled boiled egg on top of a glass bottle and creating a vacuum in the bottle to suck the egg unbroken through the small opening all in one smooth *gulp*. That might be a fun one and directions are probably on the internet.

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